Photos by Jamie Zill

Photos by Jamie Zill


There is no fee to take part in Seattle PipeMasters Collab

Artists who participated in past Collabs are not automatically chosen to participate. Everyone interested in participating MUST apply. The application process will close on May 30th. Twenty to twenty-five artists will be selected and notified by June 15th.


  • Fill out our form below COMPLETELY and submit through the website.
  • THREE personal references OR ONE Big Name reference (in form). We don't know everyone in the industry personally, so please help us learn about you by providing us with your best references. We will verify all references.
  • Artist Bio (in form).
  • 500 words or LESS telling us why you want to be a part of this collaboration (in form).
  • Email photographs in .jpg format of five examples of your recent work to Quality photos, please.
  • Artists must participate for at least FIVE days between October 19 - 29, 2016 (You do not need to specify dates in your application, just commit to the five days).


Press the button below to get to the form and submit it through the website. If you need a paper form, please CONTACT US, and we will email or mail you a copy.

You cannot save your form once you begin filling it out, so be sure to fill out the entire form and triple check before pressing the SUBMIT button. 

After we receive your form, please also email us at with your work examples. These photographs MUST be emailed within three days of your application submittal or your application will not be complete, and therefore will not be considered. 

An (*) indicates a REQUIRED field. The form will not be submitted if the required fields are not filled out.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.