Scott Deppe on the lathe during SPMC 2015, Photo by Brian Leary.

Scott Deppe on the lathe during SPMC 2015, Photo by Brian Leary.



The Boro School is now accepting applications from glass artists to participate in our 3rd Annual Seattle PipeMasters Collab. Twenty to twenty five of the best pipe makers from around the globe are selected each year to join us in our state-of-the-art studio to collaborate with one another on making the next generation of the world's headiest pipes and tubes. 

Selected PipeMasters are invited to join us in the beautiful city of Seattle for up to ten days October 19-29, 2016. Artists work in a studio equipped with twenty-five stations, two lathes, two color furnaces, and cold working equipment.

Also onsite are the 7 Point Studios metal and wood shops. Artists are allowed to work any time of day or night in the studio during their stay. All gases are covered by the event and The Boro School and sponsors provide a large selection of clear rod and tubing and an array of color.

There is no artist application fee or participation fee.


We have thirteen artist spots that include housing, which are offered to artists in order of application date. So if you know you need a place to stay in Seattle, apply by May 30th, or we cannot guarantee anything. Those who need a ride from the airport can arrange one with us - we will pick you up! We provide Artists with breakfast each day, snacks and beverages, access to our cozy lounge, and lots of swag.


The selected Artists work with any and all other artists participating in the collaboration with no agenda set by us! We do encourage Artists to discuss and pre-plan work once selected and, of course, we strongly suggest to bring prep with you that you can hand out to other artists. Have Fun. Be Creative. Be Innovative.


While the main focus of Seattle PipeMasters Collab is our Collab Gallery, we also display individual pieces made prior to the collab and brought by the artists, space permitting. The Gallery opens Saturday October 22nd and will be open several hours a day through October 29th. Collab pieces are added to The Gallery as they are finished so The Gallery grows every day of the event!

Individual pieces will go back to the Artists directly after the event and Collab pieces will stay in the possession of The Boro School and on display in the Gallery for up to ninety days after Seattle PipeMasters Collab. After this point, it is at the artists' discretion to retrieve their own work from The Boro School. 

COMMISSION: The Boro School takes a commission of 25% for any piece (individual or collab) sold up through February 1, 2017. After February 1, 2017, The Boro School will take 20% if sold by us, and 10% if sold by the artist. Checks to artists are sent out no later than November 28th for any pieces sold during the show. For pieces sold after the show, checks are written no later than thirty days after the sale of the piece. 

Customers will receive free USPS Priority Shipping. Express will be charged at cost. Artists and Gallery split shipping costs evenly. Payments mailed to artists will be accompanied by a Consignment Settlement reflecting the payments received. Artists can receive inventory lists upon request.


Artists can invite up to three Collectors/Store Reps and they will receive a free $300 Collector Pass allowing them to enjoy every hour of PipeMasters. Artists also receive five Friends and Family Passes. The first three days (10/19-10/21) of Seattle PipeMasters Collab are closed to the public, but open to our Collectors, VIPs, and Vendors, and those with Friends and Family Passes. There is a Private Party on Friday, 10/21 as well as the many events open to the public.

Party time:

The Boro School / 7 Point Studios hosts several parties throughout the event including a Private Party, a silent auction, cocktail parties with light appetizers and tasty drinks, and a huge Closing Day Party on Saturday, October 29th.


Artists receive helpful digital marketing materials far in advance of the event so they can easily invite collectors, store owners, and friends. During the event, professional photographs are taken of every finished piece and uploaded to the website. Artists have access to their photos after the event. 



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