What is Seattle PipeMasters Collab?

Seattle PipeMasters Collab began in October of 2014 as a one-of-a-kind event where the featured glassblowing isn't about competition - it's all about collaboration. Twenty-five or more Pipe Masters from around the world gather once a year for ten days to collaborate on some of the sickest pipe making in the industry. The event all goes down at Seattle's newest and freshest flameworking studio, The Boro School, inside 7 Point Studios, an alternative art space and venue. Seattle PipeMasters Collab involves several ticketed events open to the public, including the PipeMasters Gallery, Cocktail Parties, and a Closing Day Celebration.

What is 7 Point Studios?

7 Point Studios is an alternative art collective and event space with artists working in many different mediums: painting, woodworking, metalworking, screen-printing, letter press, and of course, glassblowing.

What is The Boro School?

The Boro School is housed inside 7 Point Studios and is the largest flameworking facility in the Seattle area. The Boro School offers classes and private lessons on flameworking, sells raw glass supplies and finished work, and rents out torch time by the hour, providing a unique educational atmosphere for aspiring glassblowers.

Is there an age and ID requirement?

YES. You must be 18+ to enter the event. ID's are required to enter.

What are your recommendations for Parking and Public Transportation?

We recommend carpooling, using Uber or Lyft, or taking public transportation since street parking is very limited. If you are taking public transportation, we are just a ten-minute walk from the bus station at 5th & Jackson, and bus lines 7 and 9 have a stop that’s a five-minute walk from our building. We are working on an alternative parking plan for the 2016 event. Park in the Goodwill parking lot at your own risk.

I’m not buying a Collector Pass. How can I attend the event?

Single tickets will be available for each day of the event. You may purchase your day pass at the door.

What is happening each night and what are the entry fees?

  • Wednesday 10/19 – Friday 10/21 – Sponsors, Collectors, and Artists ONLY.
  • Saturday, 10/22, 7pm to 11pm - Opening Night Gallery Party & Meet the Artists, $20
  • Sunday, 10/23, Noon to 7pmFREE GALLERY DAY
  • Monday, 10/24, 4pm to 10pm – Gallery, $10
  • Tuesday, 10/25, 4pm to 10pm – Gallery, $10           
  • Wednesday, 10/26, 4pm to 10pm – Gallery, $10
  • Thursday, 10/27, 4pm to 10pm – Gallery, $10 (Public Sales Begin!)
  • Friday, 10/28, 4pm to 7pm – Gallery, $10
  • Friday, 10/28, 7pm to 11pm – Cocktail Party, $20           
  • Saturday, 10/24, 1pm to 11pm – Closing Day Party, $25

What does the Gallery entail?

There are two areas of the Gallery. The first area is made up of works by each individual artist. The second area of the Gallery is comprised of PipeMasters Collab pieces only. Pieces made prior to the event are on sale as soon as we have them on display, and Collab pieces go on sale to the public Thursday, 10/27. Collector Pass Holders may purchase Collab pieces as soon as they are finished.

What does my Gallery ticket include?

Your $10 Gallery entry fee gets you a lot more than viewing some of the best heady glass art in our Gallery. There is always something fun happening at 7 Point Studios during Seattle PipeMasters Collab. Watch live glassblowing, visit one of the many vendors, or just hang out until we close!

How are the Party days different from the Gallery days?

Our parties will have alcoholic beverages available for those 21+, food, more vendors attending, and lots of fun entertainment. Party Entry fees include the Gallery.

Can I water test any of the pieces?

If you know you are interested in purchasing a piece and would like to water test it, please make an appointment with us and we will be happy to ready the pieces for you.

When can I purchase a piece from the Gallery?

Public Sales begin Thursday, 10/27 at noon. You can purchase work from the Gallery anytime it is open or by appointment.  


What comes with the Collector Pass?

Collectors get Swag, Drink Tickets, exclusive access to the glass studios and the VIP Lounge, as well as an Early Purchasing Opportunity to buy pieces prior to public sales. Collectors have access to the studio every moment there is glassblowing going on between Wednesday 10/19 and Saturday 10/29. A light breakfast will be available every day at 10am in the VIP Lounge and the rest of the day the lounge will have delicious food out for the VIPs.

How does Collector Sales work?

Collectors may purchase any Collab pieces as soon as they are complete. What constitutes a piece's completion? The piece is out of the kiln, completely cool, any cold work is complete, and staff has paperwork and pricing from the Artists. Find a staff member anytime between 10am and 10pm during the event (except Sunday 10/23 when we close at 7pm) and they will help you complete your purchase. Because this is a 10 day Live Glassblowing Show and Gallery, we keep the Collab pieces in the Gallery until the end of the event on 10/29 at 10pm. If you are in attendance that evening you can pick up your purchases directly from a staff member. If you are not at the final party, we will gladly make shipping arrangements for you.



Yes! For the first time, in 2016 we are offering Collectors FREE USPS Priority Shipping. Any other forms of shipping will be billed at cost to the buyer. 

I bought a Diet Collector Pass. Can I upgrade to the full Collector Pass?

Yes. Pay the difference and upgrade to the full Collector pass with all the benefits at any time before or during the event.

When and where am I allowed in the building?

As a Collector you are allowed in the building anytime during the event, beginning 10am on 10/19 and ending into the wee hours of 10/29. As long as the doors are open and there is activity (so almost 24/7), you can hang out in the building with the artists and each other anytime. Collectors have access to the Collector Lounge and to the Glass Studios.

Are there Early Bird prices available?

Yes! You can purchase a Collector or Diet Collector Pass before August 31st and receive a discount!

Sponsors & Vendors

What do I get for my vending area?

All sponsors receive one 6 ft. table (Gold sponsors receive two tables), with a floor length black tablecloth, two black folding chairs, and access to power. We suggest you bring plenty of signage and enough extension cords for all your needs. If you are selling finished glass products, please bring your own glass cleaner and paper towels.

What can I sell at my vending area?

You can sell raw glass supplies and glass tools. You can sell glass pipes, tubes, pendants, and other smoking or non-smoking accessories. You can sell your branded merchandise. You can simply pass out information about your business and services.


What are the vending times?

Vending will take place at the following times:

Weekend 1:
Friday, 10/21, 7pm-10pm (Private Party)
Saturday, 10/22, 7-10pm (Gallery Opening Night Party)
Sunday, 10/23, Noon-7pm (Free Gallery Day)

Weekend 2:
Friday, 10/28, 7-10pm (Cocktail Party)
Saturday, 10/29, 1pm-11pm (Closing Day Party)

I’m a Sponsor. Am I allowed to vend outside of those times?

Yes. You are more than welcome to staff your table at any time when we are open to the public. We know it’s difficult to staff a booth for ten days straight, which is why we have selected our peak times to be vending periods. As direct supporters of Seattle PipeMasters Collab, you are more than welcome to vend each and every day of the event.

I’m a Sponsor. Do I have to vend both weekends? Do I have to vend during all vending times?

No and No. If you are a Sponsor you can vend during each of the above times, but you are welcome to vend as little or as much as you want to during the event. When you fill out your Sponsor information just note what times you would like to vend so we can reserve a spot for you.

I’m not a Sponsor. Can I still be a Vendor?

Yes. Weekend 1 OR 2 is $500. Weekend 1 AND 2 is $850. You can sign up and purchase your spot HERE.

What times can I set up my vending area?

Sponsors/Vendors may set up on Friday 10/21 during the day after 10am. Set up must be complete by 6pm. For other times, set up may begin after 10am day of and must be complete one hour prior to each vending period.

Can I leave my vending area set up?

If you are planning on vending during each vending period: You may leave your area set up the duration of the event. 7 Point Studios will provide locked and secure areas for items you would like to lock up in between vending periods.

If you are not planning on vending during each vending period: You must clear your vending area by noon the day after you vend.

What times can I clean up my vending area?

If you are planning on vending during each vending period: Final clean up must be complete by Monday 10/30 at noon or by appointment.

If you are not planning on vending during each vending period: You must clean your vending area by noon the day after you vend.